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Results ( 5 ) : 2016 - 2.


50 Years of the UN Human Rights Covenants

Authors: T. Van Boven

Global Migration Governance: Avoiding Commitments on Human Rights, Yet Tracing a Course for Cooperation

Authors: F. Crépeau, I. Atak

Abstract: This article maps the global governance processes on migration and assesses whether the human rights of migrants are effectively included and mainstreamed therein. It is argued that the lack of a comprehensive framework for migration governance and...

New Thinking on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights: Towards a Multi-Stakeholder Approach

Authors: A. Tamo

Abstract: Although Transnational Corporations (TNCs) enjoy rights alongside sovereign States, such as the right to arbitrate in international investment disputes, the idea of holding them to account for alleged human violations has been elusive. While there ...

The European Court of Human Rights: A Guardian of Minimum Standards in the Context of Immigration

Authors: J. Viljanen, H-E- Heiskanen

Abstract: The innovative use of the general doctrines and the nature of the European Convention on Human Rights as a living instrument have enabled the progressive protection of immigrants. This research illustrates how the immigration case law of the Europe...